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Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service as it becomes generally available

Box Inc., an online document storage company, has recently expanded its suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for document summaries to include the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This significant move follows the company’s integrations last year with Google’s Vertex and OpenAI Large Language Models (LLMs), forming part of the Box AI initiative.

The integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service now allows users to generate various types of content, ranging from summaries and answers to blog posts and talk tracks, all from their documents. The convenience and versatility brought by this integration are set to empower users to leverage the full potential of their content and drive productivity without compromising data security.

Box adds Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to its lineup of AI tools for document summaries, joining Google’s Vertex and OpenAI LLMs for users to choose from

Box AI, the AI platform of Box, offers a platform-neutral framework, enabling it to connect with a variety of advanced AI models. This flexibility allows users to select from different AI models according to their preference or the task at hand. By applying these advanced intelligence models to its Box Content Cloud, Box AI is significantly enhancing its capabilities and versatility.

The integration of Azure OpenAI Service into Box AI is currently available and included in all Enterprise Plus plans. Individual users are eligible for 20 queries per month, while companies receive an additional 2,000 company-level queries. This feature aims to make AI more accessible to users and businesses, promoting its use and understanding.

Box Inc. has emphasized that this new integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service will bring advanced AI models to Box AI while upholding high standards of security, privacy, and compliance. This assurance is particularly significant for organizations in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, life sciences, public sector agencies, insurance, and legal firms. These sectors can now confidently use AI for diverse applications, knowing their sensitive data is well-protected.

New Box Hubs uses AI to curate content, target users

Box Hubs uses advanced AI models to analyze user behavior and preferences. It then uses this information to curate and present the most relevant content to each user. This personalized approach ensures that users spend less time searching for the information they need and more time utilizing it.

In addition to content curation, Box Hubs also targets users with personalized recommendations. By analyzing user interactions and engagement, the AI can suggest relevant content that the user might find interesting or useful. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also encourages further engagement with the platform.

Box Hubs is integrated with the Box Admin Console and Box Web App, providing a seamless user experience across all Box services. This integration ensures that all user interactions are consistent and unified, regardless of the platform they are using.

The introduction of Box Hubs signifies Box Inc.’s commitment to leveraging Box AI to continually evolve and improve its services. By harnessing the power of AI, Box is ensuring that its users and companies have access to the most advanced AI tools, enhancing productivity and user experience.

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