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The much-loved combination of beer and crisps is being harnessed for the first time to tackle climate change.

Fertiliser plants like this one using CO2 in Swindon can help solve the problem of climate changeKaty Armstrong, manager of the Carbon Utilisation Centre at Sheffield University, previously told BBC News: "We need products for the way we live – and everything we do has an impact."

David Wilkinson from PepsiCo's said: "This innovation could provide learnings for the whole of the food system, enabling the agriculture sector to play its part in combating climate change."

The new system will go a step further by taking away potato "cake" left after digestion – and stirring the brewery CO2 into it to make an enriched fertiliser which will help put carbon back into the soil as well as encouraging plant growth.

CCU is a sister technology to the better-established Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which catches emissions from chimneys, compresses them and pumps them into underground rocks where they can't heat the climate.


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