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Anthropic, a technology company that focuses on developing AI tools, has launched an AI chatbot named Claude, which has garnered significant attention from the industry for its safe and reliable outputs. The chatbot is equipped with a wide range of capabilities and can perform tasks such as summarizing, writing, coding, and answering questions, among other things.

Compared to other similar technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Claude is designed to be less prone to producing harmful outputs and is easier to control. Anthropic claims that Claude uses a technique called “constitutional AI,” which aims to align AI systems with human intentions and prevent them from engaging in illegal or unethical activities. This feature makes Claude a promising AI chatbot technology for businesses and organizations.

The AI chatbot has been tested with some launch partners like Robin AI, AssemblyAI, Notion, Quora, and DuckDuckGo and is available in two different versions: Claude and Claude Instant. Some companies are already using Claude, with Notion using it as part of their AI writing assistant integrated with their workspace. Claude is also being used for evaluating contracts and suggesting alternative language, making it a handy tool for businesses.

In combination with ChatGPT, Claude is powering DuckDuckGo’s recently launched tool called DuckAssist, while Quora offers access to Claude through its experimental AI chat app, Poe. Organizations can request access to Claude, but the pricing details have yet to be released.

The AI chatbot’s training is focused on avoiding biased, offensive, illegal, or unethical outputs, making businesses and organizations more likely to trust the technology. Claude’s focus on safe and reliable outputs is a significant development in the industry, as more and more companies are looking for ways to utilize AI without compromising on ethical or legal grounds.

Anthropic’s AI chatbot ‘Claude’ is an exciting development in the field of AI chatbots, with its focus on safe and reliable outputs. The use of constitutional AI makes Claude a promising technology for businesses and organizations, and its wide range of capabilities has already caught the attention of many launch partners. As more companies look for ways to utilize AI without compromising on ethical or legal grounds, Claude is a significant development that could help bridge the gap between AI and human intentions.