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Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive and fatal brain disease associated with repeated traumatic brain injuries that has gotten more serious attention over the past decade due to awareness work from top non-profit organizations. One of these organizations, the Concussion Legacy Foundation, has been working tirelessly to shine a light on the circumstances in which CTE can emerge; working closely with veterans and ex-athletes (particularly football players). 

A testament to the efficacy of their hard work in educating the public on the gravity of this disease, is what our article analysis pulls up from their mission statement page and inspirational personal story from veteran Will Reynolds. In each article analysis the foundation and its projects (Project Enlist and the CLF Helpline) receive positive mention – a given, but necessary for the Foundation’s website to work as a piece of self promotion. Making the effects of CTE a personal experience is also key to the success of a campaign to inspire more involvement in the non-profit organization, and this is abundantly clear as William Reynolds’ name is front and center in our entity word cloud.

Another achievement for the Concussion Legacy Foundation is their ability to communicate the risk associated with CTE. Both analyses have an above medium risk score, and Retired U.S. Army Captain William Reynolds III’s personal story presents a high occurrence of risk, crisis, and security language. It demonstrates that the language present on CLF’s website is accurately portraying the gravity of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

See both article analyses here: Mission & History and Retired Army Captain pledges brain to CTE research

“SumaLateral Whole Brain Image” by National Institutes of Health (NIH) is marked with CC PDM 1.0