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The dialogue between climate science and politics has been historically difficult, particularly in Italy where awareness of climate change is limited. Despite the pressing need to tackle the climate and environmental crisis, stronger links between climate scientists and politicians are needed to achieve effective solutions.

The appointment of individual advisors to governments and ministries can result in bias and short-term planning, which can hinder the effectiveness of scientific contributions. A specific body of scientists who dialogue institutionally with politics can ensure competence, accountability, independence, and effectiveness of scientific contributions.

Recognizing the need for a collaborative framework between science and politics, Italy has taken a step forward with the establishment of a Climate and Environment Science Council (CSCA). This new institutional framework for collaboration between science and politics is a positive development towards addressing the complex issue of climate change.

Collaboration between scientists and policymakers is crucial for addressing the complex issue of climate change. Building trust between these two groups is essential for effective decision-making. Scientists can increase trust by being transparent about their research methods and data, while policymakers can value and incorporate scientific evidence into their decision-making processes.

The establishment of the Climate and Environment Science Council (CSCA) in Italy is a positive step towards building a collaborative framework between science and politics. This collaboration is essential for effectively tackling the pressing issue of climate change and creating a sustainable future for all. Scientists and policymakers must continue to work together to build trust, incorporate scientific evidence, and make informed decisions for the benefit of our planet.