Twitter – @realDonaldTrump

Beyond social listening, S4D twitter analysis turns a tweet stream into an insight stream. Supporting both topic and influencer modelling, we are sparse text analysis experts, extracting the themes, entities and trends in tweets for easy exploration. Our time view allows for quick filtering around. Just drag over the region on the timeline to zoom into an interesting window. Reference tables are updated accordingly. See full dashboard here


PR Media Monitoring

In this example we use Science4Data’s platform as a real-life media monitoring upgrade. In the first page we show traditional PR media monitoring data in S4D’s data visualization framework.  Page two is S4D’s take on those same articles, using our powerful framework to assess customer publicity goals and provide deep insight into coverage. Page 3 provides an example using our own, targeted media monitoring strategy (along with the resulting visualizations). Page 4, shows how we can extend our framework to support relevancy assessment for challenging monitoring terms (i.e. Match.com).  See the full dashboard


Competitive Landscape

Media Monitoring, Competitive Analysis and Market Insight – All combined into one powerful report using surgical media monitoring and advanced metrics. Science4Data Marketing Intelligence is a disruptor. Combine with analyst driven commentary to form the foundation of your go-to-market or sales strategies. See the full dashboard


Texas – Swing State

Get local with your political or market analysis. In this example we highlight media density and sentiment data for the US presidential candidates in Texas news outlets. Voters in Texas may have an over-sized influence on the outcome of the election and the disposition of the media there is a great predictor for polling and voting.  In this example, empirical data is combined with expert analysis to provide a compelling and insightful report for a specific time window. See the full example


News Based Sales Leads

With the right tools, media monitoring provides a powerful stream of business development leads for your team. In this example we scour the internet for news about new construction and business expansion then score the articles on relevancy.  The result is a powerful, easy to use lead generation tool that can be integrated into your sales processes and CRMs. See the full demo dashboard