Zero Day Cybersecurity

With how integral technology is to our lives, it essential to stay informed of the Zero-Day threats that leave us all vulnerable to cybercriminals.  However, sifting through the waterfall of cybersecurity news is just not practical, which is why we designed our Zero-Day dashboard with simplicity and approachability in mind.  We even added a seamless “post to LinkedIn” button to make sure updating your network has never been easier.  Want to see for yourself? Check out our Zero-Day dashboard here!



If you’re a business looking to amplify your ad returns, AI-Adwords may be just what you need. Leveraging our powerful software and proprietary NLP algorithms, we can take in your current Adword Keywords, analyze them, and churn out terms with lower CPC, higher CTR, and greater nuance in no time. To learn more about the process for yourself, check out our AI-Adwords Dashboard.


Twitter Fincrime

Twitter contains billions of bite sized snippets, sharing information, sentiment and engagement across the globe. The power is immense, and our Financial Crime Dashboard demonstrates just how we can leverage Twitter to uncover trends and track evolving news for critical topics. To explore the capabilities of Twitter paired with AI for yourself, check out our Twitter Financial Crime Dashboard!


Business and Company Monitoring

The business world is interconnected. Whether you depend on other businesses as clients, for supplies, or to guide your business strategy, staying up to date on the whereabouts of other businesses is essential. To get an idea of how Science4Data can enhance your information consolidation and drive your business decisions, click through the client pages of our Company Monitoring Dashboard! 


Blockchain Legislation and Regulation

The Cryptocurrency industry is rapidly evolving. As it grapples to balance mainstream adoption with limited government intervention, the news surrounding this technology will only continue to grow. To stay up to date on all the latest Blockchain News and Regulation, check out our AI powered Blockchain Legislation and Regulation Dashboard!


2020 Democratic Primaries

If you want to stay up to date with election politics but don’t have the time to sift through all the information yourself, well… we have the answer!

Our 2020 Democratic Primary Dashboard set is the one stop shop for up to date polling, news sentiments, and candidate trends! We give you all the relevant news and insights to quickly understand the current political climate in America, without having to navigate the landscape yourself. If you’d like a closer look, click the link here!