The rise of marketing technology has revealed the importance of a proper tech foundation for marketers. In a digital world marketing’s job is no longer to just drive customers to a store-front or website, but to bring the customer experience (CX) directly to the customer via hyper-precise messaging and precise audience targeting. To do this there needs to be a switch from a channel-centric mindset to a customer-centric one. Something that can only be done with in depth data on customer engagement and a centralized hub from which marketing can distribute actions across all marketing and CX channels: a.k.a. a CDP.

This is the argument that Forbes’ recent article, on marketers’ hollow tech stacks, seems to purport. From our article analysis, we are able to see a common bait and switch from headline to article content. The headline has a strong negative media sentiment, positing that the status quo of marketing technology is leaving marketers in an increasingly sub-par position with customers. Meanwhile, the article on a whole explicitly boost’s CDPs as a solution to the status quo. Even the article’s word cloud supports this: CDP is weighted heavily for its frequency of use and coloured positively due to the context in which the word is used throughout the piece.

It should come as no surprise that the article itself was written by the CEO of a CDP company. Which on its homepage boasts, in the same language used throughout the article, to be the very solution Marketers need to fix their hollow tech stack.

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“Online-Shop” by Tim Reckmann | is licensed under CC BY 2.0